Woof! Picayune Pawdi Gras Parade Set for Sat. March 29, 2014

On Saturday March 29, 2014, Picayune’s Pawdi Gras parade will take place as part of the Picayune Spring Palooza!

Pawdi Gras 2013, PRCDogs

Pawdi Gras 2013, PRCDogs

“There has been a change of venue.  The 2014 parade will coincide with Picayune Main Street’s Palooza.  This is a children’s event and the Pawdi Gras parade will follow this event.  We are also including children in this parade.  However the dogs are the “stars” of the parade and the only ones that are on the court and have costume contests”, says Darlene Adams, spokesperson for Picayune’s Pawdi Gras and Executive Director of the South Pearl River County Senior Center.

Ad from the Picayune Main Street facebook page

Ad from the Picayune Main Street facebook page

Read more on the Picayune Main Street facebook page or check out their website.

Interested pups and their human counterparts should complete a sc_pawdigras_regform_2014 (.pdf) if interested in participating!

Read about the 2013 parade and view images Pearl River County Dogs captured that day.

Below is an “image” version of the form. Contact Ms. Adams (phone and email below) to receive a .pdf version of the application via email.

Proceeds support local nonprofits.

For more information: 601-798-9892 or da.thecenter@gmail.com

Picayune’s Paw Di Gras and Pals Parade

Saturday, March 29 at 1 p.m. at Jack Read Park, Picayune

Registration begins at noon and ends at 1 p.m.

2014 Theme -“Hoppily Ever After.” Owners encouraged to dress with their pet.

Court registration is $50 (includes sign with pet’s name going before court member)                         Regular entry is $25.  Awards to be given for both Court and Regular entry categories.

King and Queen selected from local pet rescue organizations

All throws must be non-edible.

Children 12 and under are eligible to participate in parade as a “single unit” without pets.  (Under 7 yrs. must have one adult escort, no charge for first escort).

Single Unit entry fee is $5.  Must wear costume or face painted.


1. Registration starts at noon and ends at 1 p.m. Pets and Single Units must be registered in order to be eligible to participate in the award categories.

2. Every pet must have a human escort (no charge for first escort).

3.  Single Unit entries under the age of 7 years must have one adult escort, no charge.

4. Escorts must be in control of their pets/children at all times.

5. Pets must remain on a leash (City Ordinance).

6. Pet escorts are asked to walk their pets before the parade, so their business will be taken care of properly.

7. Pet escorts are responsible for their pet’s waste (poopie bags available).

8. There is no alternate/inclement weather date for the parade.

8. Sponsor reserves the right to restrict the participation of any pet, which, in the reasonable opinion of the sponsor, endangers the safety, and well being of any person or animal at any time.

9. Each pet must have been vaccinated and licensed as required by law and are able to provide current vaccination record.

10. Breeds known for aggression such as: Pit Bulls, Chows, Rottweiler and Dobermans are not allowed to participate.
Pawdi Gras registration 2014Pawdi Gras registration 2014

Pawdi Gras registration 2014
Pawdi Gras registration 2014

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